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MyWellness TLV studio Tel Aviv

Welcome to MyWellness TLV

Achieve your wellness goals in the most efficient way

with the help of our highly experienced team

Why MyWellness TLV?

Welcome to

MyWellness Tlv

We are here for you.

     MyWellness TLV studio was created by two 'Olim Hadashim': Mica Pomerantz (Argentina) and Ariel Maman (Spain), whose purpose is to serve and support you on your path of self-discovery through Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Enriching Workshops and Energy Healing Therapies.

     Our mission with MyWellness TLV is to help you grow in life by nurturing the body, mind, and soul, and that you step off the mat feeling refreshed and balanced, with classes that integrate creative sequencing, a playfulness spirit, and inspiration to help you deepen your practice. 

Intimate Classes

Small and Intimate class sizes, suitable for all levels and ages.

Professional Expertise

MyWellness Instructor's Team is professional, friendly and have extensive experience with how to give special attention and guidance to each one of our students.

Wonderful Community

MyWellness TLV has Instructors and Students from all around the world, where you can foster new fruitful relationships whether you are new in the country, or you are local.

Dedicated Support

Positive, helpful and friendly environment, in and outside the class, with attentive and understanding instructors and customer support.

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Yoga and Pilates classes suitable for all levels

      Whether you are seasoned yogi or a beginner, our classes are suitable to all levels, ensuring everyone feels welcome and empowered.

      MyWellness TLV offers classes in 2 different locations:

in our main studio located in Dizzengof St. 264, and outside at the Marina of Tel Aviv in the wooden deck, immersing ourselves in the spectacular views to the Tel Aviv sea and sunset as you practice Yoga by the Beach.


     Classes are in English (and some even in Spanish!), and we offer classes the 7 days of the week, in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. We also offer Private Yoga Classes for those who rather a more personal environment.

     Press here to see the whole Schedule

Classes and Schedule
Yoga by the sea in Tel Aviv


Beginners yoga classes in Tel Aviv

Try our studio
with Unlimited Classes for
2 weeks for only 199₪

Try our studio

Connect with yourself and others through Events & Workshops 

   Stay up to date with our events page, where we constantly update it with Enriching Workshops and Sessions such as Sound Healing, Yoga Nidra, SUP Yoga, Acroyoga, and more.

    We can't wait to see you withing our thriving international community in our events, workshops or retreats!     

Sound Healing in Tel Aviv
Events & Workshops
Our Community
MyWellness TLV teachers

Our Community

   The MyWellness TLV Instructor's Team is professional, friendly and most importantly, they know how to give special attention and guidance to each one of our students, understanding their needs or limitations.

   They have extensive knowledge in their practice, having trained and mastered it all over the world with thousands of hours of experience.

   They teach in English and they also know Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, German or Czech!

Learn more about our teachers pressing here.

Get in Touch

Meet a Few of our Happy Yogis

At MyWellness TLV, we are committed to helping our clients achieve optimal health and wellness through the practice of Yoga and PilatesWe understand the importance of a balanced mind and body, and our staff is dedicated to fulfilling our clients' needs in a welcoming and positive environment. 

Our happy yogis are the fuel that drives us, and our approach is centered around the compromise to have you balanced and healthy.

A Studio as Unique as You Are

Do you want to improve your physical and mental wellness? Let's talk!

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