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Mica Pomerantz Yoga Position

Yoga Classes for all levels and ages in Tel Aviv

Master your yoga positions, sun salutations, and pranayamas

Scroll down to learn about the different types of classes in our Yoga Studio, designed for all levels from beginners to advanced
yogis and prenatal.

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Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is an energizing and flowy practice that links breath with movement to create a flow. An ideal practice for all levels, from the beginner to the experienced. It is definitely a great choice of those who are new in yoga as it allows them to move at their own pace with direct guidance of the instructor and to challenge themselves as they gain experience.

Suitable for All Levels

Vinyasa Yoga in Tel Aviv

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is one of the most ancient practices in Yoga that promotes physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It is a combination of Vinyasas that incorporates postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to help you deepen your understanding of your body and your connection to the universe. With Hatha Yoga, you will gain strength, flexibility, and inner peace, while holding poses for longer time.

Suitable for All Levels | Good for advanced practitioners

Hatha Yoga Tel Aviv

Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow is the perfect way to explore the fundamentals of Yoga in a safe and comfortable environment. This class is most suitable for beginners and will help you build strength, improve balance, flexibility and tone your body. An experienced instructor will lead you through a series of postures and breathing exercises to help you relax and feel energized.

Suitable for All Levels | Good for Begginers

Yoga by the beach in tel aviv

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses with more dynamic sequences and standing postures. Yin and Yang are the Taoist concepts which describe the two relative qualities present in everything.

Suitable for All Levels | Ideal for Beginners


Yogilates is the perfect combination of Yoga and the therapeutic value of Pilates. This class is specifically tailored also for prenatal and postpartum, as its low-impact structure is designed to help strengthen and tone the body, while providing also the opportunity to safely relax and connect with your body. Yogilates is the ideal way to stay active, get back in shape and stay healthy during this special time.

Suitable for All Levels | Ideal for Prenatal and Postpartum

Yin Yoga in Tel Aviv
Prenatal Yoga Tel Aviv

Yoga by the Sea

Experience the beauty of the Tel Aviv sunset with Yoga by the sea with MyWellness TLV. Enjoy the calming sound of the waves and warm breeze as you practice yoga by the beach. This perfect combination of yoga and nature is the best way to reconnect with yourself. Join us for a magical Vinyasa Yoga practice with the wonderful view of the sunset with yoga by the sea in English. - For a mat rental please request up to 2 hours previous to the class🙏🏻

Suitable for All Levels

Yoga by the sea tel aviv

Yoga Nidra

Allow yourself the precious gift of pure restoration as you embark on a blissful Yoga Nidra session. Delve into a profound connection with your own being through gentle mindfulness, meditative visualizations, and healing sounds. Reconnect with your innate wisdom and find solace in the sacred sanctuary of your being. Experience the transformative power of Yoga Nidra, where you can come home to yourself, recharge your body, mind, and soul, and bask in the blissful benefits it brings. The session will be guided by Joanna, a passionate advocate of the profound benefits of rest, who brings her expertise as a Yoga Nidra teacher and Dreamworker to lead you on this journey of rest and self-discovery.

Suitable for All Levels

Yoga Nidra Tel Aviv

Personalized Classes

Yoga in English
Prenatal Friendly Yoga

MyWellness TLV offers a variety of teachers that can best suit your needs and/or limitations for private Yoga or Pilates lessons in Tel Aviv or Online.

Lessons can either be In Person at our studio in Tel Aviv in Dizzengof 264, or Online via Zoom.

Also lessons can be in English, Spanish, Russian, German and even Czech.

Please check our information on Private Yoga classes in Tel Aviv or Private Pilates classes.

Or contact us at

MyWellness TLV can provide on-site yoga lessons in the Tel Aviv area, for offices or schools in English. We have certified Yoga teachers that can adapt the session to the needs or limitations of the employees or students.

Ideal to reduce stress in high-demanding environments!

Some of the benefits of Yoga at work are mental and physical health improvement; increase in focus, productivity, morale and creativity; and can also reduce stress

Price varies depending on the location and amount of students. For more information please press here, or contact us at

Personalized Classes
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