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Discover the Benefits of Pilates with MyWellness TlV

Pilates Classes for all levels and ages in Tel Aviv

Scroll down to learn about the different types of classes in our Pilates Studio, designed for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners and prenatal.

Practice Pilates in English in Tel Aviv today!
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Classes Descriptions

Pilates Flow

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. Our classes are based on Pilates principles such as centering, concentration, control, precision, breath & flow. Strengthen and tone every muscle in your body, improve your posture and flexibility, learn the perfect breathing technique applied to each exercise. In these classes, you can expect the use of light weights, balls, elastic bands, to level up your practice. In Pilates Flow, we connect the exercises creating a fluid dance, combining our practice with more modern exercises as well as modifications to make the system safer or more functional.

Suitable for All Levels | Good for Beginners

Pilates Class in English

Barre Pilates

Barre Pilates is an effective and fun workout that combines the best of Pilates and Ballet barre exercises.  ​This class is focused on the core, arms and legs, to improve posture, alignment and balance. ​With our experienced instructors you'll be sure to get an amazing workout and leave feeling energized and uplifted

Suitable for All Levels

Barre classes in English Tel Aviv

Pilates by the Sea

Benefit from a mindful and powerful Pilates session with the stunning Sea view by the Marina Tel Aviv.

Suitable for All Levels

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Personalized Classes

Yoga in English
Prenatal Friendly Yoga

MyWellness TLV offers a variety of teachers that can best suit your needs and/or limitations for private Yoga or Pilates lessons in Tel Aviv or Online.

Lessons can either be In Person at our studio in Tel Aviv in Dizzengof 264, or Online via Zoom.

Also lessons can be in English, Spanish, Russian, German and even Czech.

Please check our information on Private Yoga classes in Tel Aviv or Private Pilates classes.

Or contact us at

MyWellness TLV can provide on-site yoga lessons in the Tel Aviv area, for offices or schools in English. We have certified Yoga teachers that can adapt the session to the needs or limitations of the employees or students.

Ideal to reduce stress in high-demanding environments!

Some of the benefits of Yoga at work are mental and physical health improvement; increase in focus, productivity, morale and creativity; and can also reduce stress

Price varies depending on the location and amount of students. For more information please press here, or contact us at

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